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Environmental Impacts of Coal Mining in Australia

It is a well-known fact that the citizens of Australia are quite scared about the potential environmental impacts of the coal mining in Australia. It is a fact that the citizens of Australia are pretty concerned about the impact of mining on the environment. They are also pretty sure that this impact will not be restricted to any particular area in Australia. The governments of Australia have been able to manage and balance these fears by ensuring that all measures taken by the mining companies will be transparent and consistent. This is one of the ways that they are trying to ensure that their coal mining in Australia will not negatively impact the environment in any way.

Environmentally, Australia has a number of important protections in place for the environment. In fact, these protections cover several different aspects of the environment and the mining industry. For instance, the Federal Court has imposed numerous restrictions on the use of mercury and other harmful chemicals during the development of new coal mines. Similarly, the Environment Protection Act makes it mandatory for anyone developing a mine to ensure that no major alteration in the environment takes place. These laws and regulations are there to ensure that the mining industry is operating within the confines of the law and the minimum damage is being done to the environment.

But one thing that you need to remember is that while these laws are there, they are not iron-clad guarantees. In fact, many mining companies have already shown their hand when it comes to the damage they can do to the environment. Take for example, the Mount Moama coal mining in Australia. This mine was banned by the Federal Court, as it had been found that the company had not complied with the mining regulations. This is the common problem with most big mining companies.

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However, there are some areas in which the environment is very lucky to have. The Southern Ocean, which is an ocean bed, is actually considered to be a ‘focal point’ for marine biodiversity. There are also several islands that are protected under the Australian Coral Commission due to their special qualities. This means that these places will not be destroyed by mining, unlike say the open sea.

As such, what we can say about coal mining in Australia is that while it has its own share of environmental issues, there is really nothing much to worry about. The major impact that it can have, in terms of adverse effects on the environment, lies in what it does to the biodiversity of the area in which it takes place. But again, this is largely dependent on the kind of coal being mined. There are several ways in which the mining can affect the local habitat of the location.

One of these is in the form of mercury. As mentioned earlier, mining of coal releases a lot of mercury into the environment. While this is not considered to be a major problem, especially if one lives in an area where this is not mined, it can still cause some serious health problems to people living nearby. There have also been linked to mercury poisoning and developmental disorders in children.

Another one of the environmental impacts of mining coal in Australia is the release of tailings damming sediment. Damming of this sediment occurs when the mining process is taking place, and these tailings dams can take a very long time to deteriorate. This sediment contains a large amount of heavy metals, which has been found to be a major issue with respect to reproductive success in both humans and animals. This issue has also led to significant amounts of contamination having to be cleaned up from the site.

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One other major impact mining can have on the environment is the effect it can have on the air quality of the region in which it takes place. Because mining produces a lot of noise, the air in the mining areas can become polluted quite quickly. One result of this is increased levels of air pollution, which can be very hazardous to health. It can also lead to damage to the vegetation in the area, as well as affecting the way the land is built up.